Our line of railings and balustrades for brickwork staircases, balustrades and balconies features a unique and distinctive design, with products that can be installed indoors or outdoors, in private and public places.

Available in different shapes, colors and finishes, Rintal’s railings and balustrades are flexible, versatile and customizable with each other as they have most of the fastening elements in common and at the same time allow you to choose between various options in terms of style.

Thanks to these features, you can therefore change or renovate your railing and balustrade after your first installation, in line with the Rintal Stair System philosophy developed in collaboration with Giugiaro, who leads the whole project research of Rintal.


Tube is the iron railing whose simplicity reaches a radical aesthetic dimension. It is a mix of simple lines, without superfluous elements. […]

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Tube 33

Tube 33 is the stainless steel railing that combines minimal lines to the expressive purity of stainless steel. […]

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Tube 42

Tube 42 is the outdoor railing in which simple and basic lines give a new shape to safety, thanks to the solidity of its components […]

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Qube is the glass railing with a cubic shape designed for outdoor installations, in which simple functionality rises to become an aesthetic feature. […]

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Minimal is a steel railing with essential and rigorous lines which recall the modern style in its purity, that make it suitable […]

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Minimal Plus

Minimal Plus is the railing for indoor stairs that combines functionality, linear design and a strong attention to safety. […]

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Zenith is a railing that gives a different shape to steel to create a product where safety merge into a piece of modern and functional furniture. […]

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Zenith Plus

Zenith Plus is the iron railing that combines visual lightness and safety to create a product where the transparency of glass and the strength of the posts offer high functionality and maximum furnishing freedom at the same time. […]

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Leaf è una ringhiera moderna dal design unico e immediatamente distinguibile firmato Giugiaro Architettura. Progettata esclusivamente […]

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Multiblade is the design railing that revolutionizes the approach to the design of railings thanks to a new way of combining […]

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Vela is the stainless steel railing developed in collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura that is characterized by harmonious and sinuous lines creating a shape bound to impress the viewer. […]

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Trasforma is a wooden railing that can adapt to different models of staircases or of furniture, transforming its style through materials and finishes […]

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