Rintal was founded in 1974 and for more than 40 years has been the leader in interior stairs, both in Italy and the world.

Our growth has been steady over the years, and we have become a laboratory of creation, technical and design innovations, and new solutions that affirm the staircase as a signature piece of furniture in contemporary spaces.

Decades of experience have allowed us to meet our clients’ functional needs as well as fulfill their design wishes. For this reason, in addition to furnishing stairs for indoor and outdoor use, our product range also includes raised platforms, railings and walls for masonry stairs.



The Rintal Group consists of more than 500 employees operating in an advanced industrial productive system that meets more than 15,000 orders per year.

Rintal’s presence in Italy includes more than 40 direct showrooms and 100 Stair Professionals who are always available to clients, assisting from the design stage through  installation with professionalism and expertise.

Rintal operates abroad in major countries through direct subsidiaries and certified distributors.




By analyzing various national and international needs, we decided to diversify in order to offer our clients customized solutions from a functional, aesthetic and economic standpoint.

rintal-logo Rintal is the brand dedicated to a range of modular and customized products, our company’s core business. Customization, versatility and flexibility make Rintal brand products – not only stairs, but also raised platforms, railings and finishes for concrete staircases – the ideal choice for residential, commercial or public spaces, from both a structural and an aesthetic point of view.



Executive Architecture Stairs is the division of the Rintal group born from the desire to innovate “stair” products through design.

It is a collection of “furniture staircases” for residential and public use, with the goal of being a reference for both the client and the designer on great aesthetic and architectural projects.


Smart Design

Is the new contemporary collection that brings together beauty, versatility, innovation,  modularity and technology in a unique combination that surprises and delights




We have always focused our efforts on stylistic research, material innovation and shapes that best interpret the most contemporary trends of living, translating them into technically and stylistically avant-garde solutions.

Our Style Center and Research & Development department have initiated a collaboration program with young designers and the best internationally renowned designers to offer unique and cutting edge solutions.

These include an important collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura, a division of Gruppo Giugiaro Design involved in exclusive works of civil and industrial architectural design, interior architecture, urban design and landscape planning.




From the collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura were born the “Rintal Stair System” and the “Rintal Laser System”, two projects based on a new way of thinking of the staircase concept. Instead of a standardized and defined product into which the client must necessarily fit a solution we have created a “system,” defined by the ability to choose, to change, to play with the materials, shapes and colors, and to create your own stairs while meeting specific project aesthetic and budgetary needs.

With the Rintal Stair System we have redesigned and innovated the world of modular stairs. Many components can be freely selected and assembled by the client, who is given the option to choose from the various forms, finishes and materials of structures, stairs, railings and handrails. To see all of the components and start creating your staircase today, click here.

The Rintal Laser System is instead for made-to-measure staircases. By keeping the design customization features and sizes to measure, we add stylistic and aesthetic variety to allow the client to choose from various structure types (knee, angled or straight) and a wide variety of materials and finishes for steps, railings and handrails. That is how Daisy, Loft and Recta, unlike other made-to-measure interior stairs, allow a level of personalization that is unique in the field.