• Tube 42

    Extreme sturdiness
    Outdoor railing designed to meet
    the safety standards required
    in both indoor and outdoor public spaces.

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Tube 42

Extreme sturdiness

Outdoor railing designed to meet
the safety standards required
in both indoor and outdoor public spaces.

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Tube 42 is the outdoor railing in which simple and basic lines give a new shape to safety. Thanks to the solidity of its components Tube 42 has the features needed to perfectly meet the safety requirements in line with the regulations in public places, both indoors and outdoors.

Designed for safety in public spaces

All the elements that make up this outdoor railing are characterized by clean and elegant lines based on primary geometric shapes that make safety a central focus of the design.

The posts have a circular section with a diameter of 42.4 mm and are made in stainless steel. The handrail is coordinated with the finish of the posts.

Compared to traditional outdoor railings, Tube 42 is able to adapt to any architectural environment or safety requirement. It is possible to choose whether to connect the posts through glass panels or other materials of variable thickness between 8 and 12.76 mm, or through 5 rigid linkers made in stainless steel with a satin finish and a circumference of 12 mm.

Quality materials for indoors and outdoors

As regards the finishes, Tube 42 is made only of stainless steel in two versions: AISI 304 with a satin finish for indoor installations and AISI 316 in polished stainless steel which has remarkable qualities such as resistance to wear and tear and is therefore ideal for outdoor installations.

Tube 42 is therefore an extremely flexible product compared to other iron railings and an ideal solution for all those projects that require safety, design and solidity even outdoors.

Possibility to anchor both to the step and to the masonry

The versatility of this iron railing does not end with its components and finishes. Tube 42 has a series of anchors that allow installation both on the step and on the side of the floor. In addition it is also possible to install it as a balustrade so as to ensure the same strength and design also in a parapet connected to the staircase.

Ideal for all safety requirements

The extreme strength and quality of the materials along with its modern and minimalist design, make of Tube 42 the perfect choice among iron railings for outdoors especially in all those situations that require compliance with regulatory safety standards both indoors and outdoors.


Metallo Acciaio Inox satinato 304

Stainless steel no. 304, satin finish

Metallo Acciaio Inox lucido 316

Stainless steel no. 316


  • indoor
  • outdoor

Set up

All measurements are in millimeters

Tube 42 – glass
Qube vista leterale
Tube 42 – glass
Qube vista leterale 2
Tube 42 – glass

Tube 33 - 5 Filoncini

Tube 42 – 5 linkers


Anchoring on brickwork stairs

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