Helical Staircases

Rintal’s helical staircases, thanks to their shape, decorate the space with sinuous elegance and lightness.

Characterized by the absence of the central pole, helical staircases make walking on them easier and leave ample room for the passage, especially at hand- and shoulder-height, thus favoring the passage of bulky items even on stairs with small diameters.

Modular helical staircases

Spiral Knock Design

Spiral Knock Design is the steel helical staircase with a great freedom of customization […]

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Spiral Gamma

Spiral Gamma is the free-standing helical staircase in wood with quality materials, a great flexibility […]

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Concrete Helical Staircases


Concrete is a concrete helical staircase that allows you to transform a traditionally simple material like concrete into a prefabricated helical […]

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Cantilevered helical staircase

Spiral Aira

Spiral Aira is a wooden helical staircase perfect for modern and contemporary rooms thanks to its structure visually light but very solid at the same time. […]

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