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    Interpret your style
    Wooden mailing that sets itself apart thanks
    to the possibility to customize it in various ways.

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Interpret your style

Wooden mailing that sets itself apart thanks
to the possibility to customize it in various ways.

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Trasforma is a wooden railing that can adapt to different models of staircases or of furniture, transforming its style through materials and finishes.

Shaped handrail for an easier grip

The feature that makes Trasforma outstanding among wooden railings is the peculiar shape of the handrail. Both are made in beech wood, with a section of 100 x 40 mm but the difference is in the line.

The first features a square shape and has a regular line whereas the second is characterized by a groove in the upper part that makes it easier to grip.

The handrail is divided into sections joined together but, upon request, it can be provided in a single piece.

Posts in wood and metal to play with different styles

The posts that make up the railing are in milled wood and in the same type of wood as the handrail. As for the finishes, the wooden railing Trasforma is among the most customizable. In fact, water-based paints with transparent effect and lacquers, both in standard and sample colors, are available.

Another feature that allows great customization is the possibility of replacing the wooden posts with metal ones that transforms the style of this indoor railing by giving it a contemporary touch. Hence the inspiration for its name, which underlines the ability of this model to adapt and be customized without betraying its classic soul. The metal posts are available in various coatings including chrome.

Ideal for single-structure staircases

Among the railings for indoor stairs, Trasforma is among the most solid, especially in the version with metal posts. It is thus able to perform its load-bearing function contributing to the sealing of the entire composition. This allows it to be installed on models of staircases with overhanging steps

Suitable both for modular and brickwork staircases

The posts can be anchored directly to the structure or to the steps, both in the metal and in the wood version.

Trasforma is also part of the indoor railings that can be installed on concrete stairs. You can in fact anchor it both to the step and to the side walls, as well as use it to create wooden balustrades.


Wooden posts

Metal posts

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