• Minimal Plus

    Simply safe
    Railing for indoor stairs designed
    to mix simplicity and safety.

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Minimal Plus

Simply safe

Railing for indoor stairs designed
to mix simplicity and safety.

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Minimal Plus is the railing for indoor stairs that combines functionality and safety with a simple and linear design. Born as an evolution of Minimal, from which it inherits the design, Minimal Plus differs by a strong attention to safety which translates into the presence of a greater number of linkers or, optionally, into the adding of glass panels between the pillars.

Simple and linear design

It is not always easy to associate high safety to a clean and minimal design. It is this aspect however that characterizes Minimal Plus and sets it apart from regular railings for indoor staircases that make safety their main feature.
The design of the blades in painted steel, which make up the pillars, retain the same simple lines that distinguish Minimal, allowing the railing to harmonize with the environment in which it is inserted.

8 linkers or glass panels for greater safety

Compared to its older sister and to most of the railings for indoor staircases, Minimal Plus fits double the number of linkers. The posts are in fact connected by 8 hard linkers, 12 mm in diameter, of brushed stainless steel which eliminate all openings greater than 10 cm and make it the ideal solution for those homes where the need for safety on a railing for indoor stairs is paramount, for example where children run free. Optionally, you can replace the linkers with glass panels supported by clamps attached to the posts themselves.
The handrail can be made either in wood, coordinated with the steps or the coating, or in stainless steel for a modern railing.

Available both for modular and brickwork stairs

Minimal Plus is a railing for stairs made exclusively for indoors and can be installed on both brickwork and modular staircases. In the first case it can be fixed on the step with a T-shaped bracket or on the base side so as to accommodate varying architectural requirements. In the second case, according to the staircase on which the model is to be set up, it can be fixed under the step with an L-shaped bracket or directly on the structure with a rectilinear bracket.
The same hardware allow you to configure Minimal Plus even as a balustrade to meet diverse needs while maintaining continuity of style.

Numerous finishes available

The available finishes offer considerable scope for customization when it comes to this railing for indoor stairs. From epoxy powders to stainless steel, you can create the product that suits your needs without compromising on design and safety.


Steel painted with oven-dried epoxy powders for greater resistance to wear.

Metallo grigio argento

Silver grey

Metallo bianco

White, Ral 9010

Metallo grigio testurizzato

Textured grey

Metallo nero


Metallo cromato

Polished, chromed

Metallo cromato

Stainless steel no. 304



  • indoors


All measurements are in millimeters


Anchoring on stairs

Anchoring on brickwork stairs

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