Retractable Staircases

Rintal’s retractable ladders are ideal to access confined spaces in your house: not only attics and lofts but also smaller rooms that require access from the side walls, roofs or terraces.

All Rintal’s retractable ladders are made in Italy and certified according to the UNI EN 14975:2007 to ensure their stability and reliability.


Escalmatic is an innovative motor-powered retractable ladder designed to reach secondary rooms, attics, or lofts in a comfortable and safe. […]

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Adj è la scala retrattile pratica e sicura, ideale per collegare le zone secondarie della casa, come solai, soffitte e soppalchi, agli ambienti principali. […]

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ADJ Wall (vertical access)

ADJ Wall is the wall retractable ladder designed for vertical connections between rooms. Quality details The ADJ wall retractable ladder consists of 11 steps and […]

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The retractable ladder for mezzanines Up consists of 11 steps and a mobile structure, made of galvanized steel sheets printed 15/10. […]

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Sky is the foldable ladder ideal to access roofs or floors outside the house safely. […]

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4P is the retractable ladder designed to connect secondary rooms such as attics or lofts to the main rooms of the house easily and safely […]

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