• Tube 33

    A way to express yourself
    Stainless steel railing – a perfect mix of simplicity,
    strength and expression

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Tube 33

A way to express yourself

Stainless steel railing – a perfect mix of simplicity,
strength and expression

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Tube 33 is the stainless steel railing that combines minimal lines to the expressive purity of stainless steel, perfectly meeting all designing requests in which simplicity is the dominant element.

Modern and safe

The posts have a circular section with a diameter of 33.7 mm, and they are made in AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish, a highly durable and lightweight material. These posts are connected by rigid linkers in stainless steel with the same satin finish, 12 mm in circumference. Compared to other stainless steel railings, Tube 33 offers the possibility to choose the number of connecting linkers – 5 or 8 – in order to offer different solutions to the scalability issue. This is a feature that represents a significant advantage over traditional steel railings as it allows Tube 33 to adapt to all the environments where an extra attention to safety is required.

Possibility to install both on the step and on the base

Tube 33, only available for installations on brickwork stairs, sets itself apart in the world of railings for indoor stairs specifically for brickwork thanks to the versatility of its installation system, which allows anchoring of the posts both on the step and on the side of the floor, thus adapting to all architectural features. The same anchoring hardware also allows the creation of stainless steel parapets so as to maintain stylistic coherence between the two.

Minimal style

In Tube 33, steel becomes a design element thanks to the smoothness of its surface and the elegance of its neutral color which, together with the simplicity of the posts in this design, allow the railing to enhance the architecture of the room without overlapping with it.

Compared to other steel railings, the minimalist design of Tube 33 gives it modern simplicity, to appreciate in a harmonious whole with the other furnishings and to value through your own style.

There are numerous combinations to create to enhance the purity of the posts whose simplicity evokes an expressive force able to give value to any design idea.


Metallo Acciaio Inox 304

Stainless steel no. 304


  • indoor

Set up

All measurements are in millimeters

Tube 33 - 5 Filoncini

5 Linkers

Tube 33 - 8 filoncini

8 linkers


Anchoring on brickwork stairs

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