• Leaf

    Contemporary simplicity
    A modern railing with round, soft lines
    and designed by Giugiaro Architettura.

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Contemporary simplicity

A modern railing with round, soft lines
and designed by Giugiaro Architettura.

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Leaf is a modern railing with a unique and immediately distinguishable design signed by Giugiaro Architettura. Designed exclusively to be installed on indoor stairs, Leaf reinterprets the function of the railing through fluid yet rational lines that give life to a new concept of design railing. Quality materials and a wide range of finishes make it a product of great value.

Design by Giugiaro Architettura

The pillars of Leaf are composed of two steel blades in an ovoid shape, available in various finishes. These are the components that make Leaf a modern indoor railing with original design and technology. Each pillar is connected to the next by 4 hard linkers in brushed stainless steel with a diameter of 12 mm. The handrail, fixed in such a way as to allow you to adjust the tilt, can be made in wood, coordinated to the finish used for the step, or in stainless steel.

Maximum freedom of customization

Compared to the design railings that are usually found on the market, Leaf offers several customization options beginning with colors, which range from epoxy powder coating (more resistant and durable than other types of coating) to stainless steel no. 304 (ideal for indoor installations), up to the customization of technical features.

Various anchoring options to meet different architectural needs.

Leaf offers in fact several anchoring options that allow you to create a railing on different types of indoor stairs.

On brickwork stairs you can choose between two different positions: on the step, or at the side of the floor. In the first case you can use either a T-anchoring and an egg-shaped pin with rounded lines. In the second option, instead, we use a bracket made especially for masonry.

On modular stairs, on the other hand, the choice of the bracket is dictated by the model of the staircase. In the case of stairs with a central structure the anchoring is done under the step with an L-bracket while on stairs with a side structure the fixing takes place directly on the frame with a rectilinear bracket.

It can be used even as a parapet

In both cases, the brackets are available in different finishes and can be coordinated with the finishes of the pillars and handrail according to rules and combinations that may vary from one situation to the next. In addition to create a railing for indoor stairs, the anchors used for Leaf can also be used to create parapets, thus transforming Leaf in a railing suitable for a loft.


Steel painted with oven-dried epoxy powders for greater resistance to wear.

Metallo grigio argento

Silver grey

Metallo bianco

White, Ral 9010

Metallo grigio testurizzato

Textured grey

Metallo nero


Metallo Acciaio Inox 304

Stainless steel 304


  • indoors


All measurements are in millimeters

Leaf - Schema tecnico

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