Space-saving Staircases

To create space where there none: this is the philosophy behind these new simple structures. Basic but complete, they aim, as well as to mix design and technology, to achieve the impossible in terms of saving space. Every single element they include is studied to make the best in terms of use of space, to go up in extreme and prohibitive conditions for a spiral staircase.

A minimalist look for easy use, maximum functionality and freedom of movement.

Mini Brick

The staircase for small spaces with double structure and space-saving steps

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Mini Plus

Mini Plus è la scala alla marinara creata da Rintal per collegare qualsiasi tipo di ambiente anche in spazi ridottissimi in cui sarebbe impossibile […]

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The small staircase designed to optimise the available space with a pratical and safe […]

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Trio 180°

Trio 180° is the space-saving staircase with a prestigious design, born from the collaboration between Rintal and Giugiaro Architettura […]

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