• Recta

    Simple harmony
    The steel free-standing staircase made to measure according to individual aesthetic and design needs



Simple harmony

The steel free-standing staircase made to measure according to individual aesthetic and design needs

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Recta is a free-standing steel staircase made entirely according to the specific technical and aesthetic demands of the Customer. The design flexibility and the ability to choose materials and finishes offer maximum freedom to play with styles and combine different options for an end result that is new all the time.

Linear design

One of the elements that best defines the character of the project is the design of the stringer. The band shape makes Recta an iron staircase that looks both rigorous and contemporary, characterized by continuous and clean lines that blend in perfectly with any environment, whether it is a private house or a public space.

Available both as a single and as a double structure

The profile of Recta takes on a decidedly different structure in the single version. The absence of the stringer on the inner side of the staircase allows you to better appreciate the shape of the steps and the railing, creating a free-standing staircase that simulates fully the suspended effect without however compromising stability and safety.

Great freedom in the choice of materials

The steps can be made of finger joint, 4 cm thick solid beech wood or with more exclusive materials: glass, stone or other material chosen by the Customer.

Various step anchoring options

Great attention has been paid to the hardware to anchor the wooden steps, both for the structural function they have and for the aesthetic impact they give the entire staircase. Because of this, the Customer has the possibility to choose between three anchoring options that allow them to create free-standing stairs with a decidedly different look.
The anchoring with a nickel-plated bracket enhances the presence of bolts on the structure thus creating an iron staircase with an industrial look.
On the other hand, the welded bracket, in addition to being made to match the finish of the stringer, allows you to eliminate the exposed bolts so as to obtain a minimal effect and a free-standing steel staircase sporting clean and rigorous aesthetics.
The last type of anchoring (called “anchoring the top of the step”) allows you to tie directly the step to the stringer, eliminating any type of support. This system is ideal in all cases in which the space under the stairs is exposed or where you required maximum sealing of the product as it ensures structural continuity between the step and the structure.

Various railings available

The models of railings for indoor stairs that can be installed on Recta are over 13, all with customizable finishes.

LED lighting integrated in the structure

Recta also features some accessories: a small panel of wood to be installed perpendicular to the step so as to take advantage of the space under the stairs, and a LED lighting system integrated in the structure, which gives even more charm to the staircase and simultaneously serves as a way to mark your step.

Great freedom of customization for public projects

The versatility of Recta arises from the Laser System project of which this model of free-standing iron staircase is part: an innovative design system that allows maximum customization of each individual element of the staircase.

  • Made to measure.
  • Minimal and clean design.
  • Available both as a single and as a double structure.
  • Various step anchoring options available.
  • LED lighting integrated in the structure.
  • Customizable materials and finishes.
  • Possibility to install glass, stone or marble steps.
  • 13 railings available.
  • Possibility to close the rise.
  • Great product for public spaces.


  • Varnished beech wood – standard varnishes (water-based, non-toxic varnish).

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Naturale 12

Natural no. 12

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Naturale 27

Natural no. 27

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Noce 17

Walnut no. 17

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Noce 25

Walnut no. 25

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Mogano 18

Mahogany no. 38

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Wenge 23

Wenge no. 23

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato Bianco Semicoprente

Semi-opaque white

Essenza legno di faggio verniciato cemento


Essenza legno di faggio verniciato tortora


  • Lacquered beech wood (microsphere painting to improve resistance to abrasion, UV rays and cold liquids).

Essenza legno di faggio laccato biaco


Essenza legno di faggio laccato a campione



  • Laminated glass.

Vetro Chiaro


Vetro Chiaro

Extra clear

  • The finishes of step and handrail are always coordinated.
  • Other types of wood are available upon request.




  • Steel painted with oven-dried epoxy powders for greater resistance to wear.

Metallo grigio argento

Silver grey

Metallo bianco

White, Ral 9010

Metallo grigio testurizzato

Textured grey

Metallo nero


Metallo a campione







  • AISI 304 stainless steel for indoor staircases.

Metallo Acciaio Inox 304

Stainless steel no. 304








  • Finishes for railings can be found in the related product sheets.

Possible configurations

  • I
  • L
  • U
  • C



  • 65 – 120 cm (greater width available upon feasibility test)


  • made to measure, from 15 to 23 cm


  • made to measure, from 22 to 30 cm.


  • P1
  • P2
  • P3
  • PP3


Available railings

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