Upon request, we are happy to give our clients specific certifications demonstrating the level of quality and safety of the Rintal products they’ve purchased.

Structural specs

A report signed by a Rintal engineer structural engineer showing the structural specs for particularly complex projects, or for those completed for public entities. This service, with high added value, is delivered by top professionals who are authorized to provide this documentation.

Declaration of Compliance

A document certifying that the product complies with its intended use (primary or secondary). You may also request an additional document stating what are the loads imposed on the building structure.

DIA and SCIA Notification

A statement issued by the Rintal structural engineer that the designer must submit: either a Start of Construction Notification (Denuncia di Inizio Attività, or DIA) or Business Start-up Notification (Segnalazione certificata di inizio attività or SCIA). This statement, which can be performed by third-party professionals, is issued by Rintal on terms more favorable than those generally applied.